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We offer you Recycling services so we can protect the enviroment, together.

Recycling Services

Town & Country Disposal is about protecting the environment while helping you. We offer unbeatable service and work to expand our services to meet your needs. We recycle paper, cardboard, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also recycle plastics, and many other materials.

After we build a recycling partnership together, we’ll follow up periodically to better respond to your changing needs. Why not get started today? Please call our office at (816)380-5595 or contact us online

Recycling services are provided in a Mix and Mingle fashion. Commingled recycling materials must be free of any household and automotive hazardous material.
Click here to download a printable PDF Recycle Mix and Mingle information diagram.   Download the Recycle Commingle Diagram

Collection Day & Time:

Your Recycling will be collected on your normal collection day. All recycling must be placed at curb at 6:30 for collection.
Town & Country Disposal works on all Holidays your collection day will always be on your normal collection day. Place your recycling to the opposite side of your trash, flatten all cardboard.

Acceptable Commingled recycling materials are:

Commingled Recyclable Fiber/Paper

    • Newspaper
      (No plastic rain bags)
    • Catalogs
    • Telephone Books
    • Junk Mail
    • Manila Folders
    • Advertising Inserts
    • Office Paper
    • Magazines
    • Brochures
    • Corrugated Cardboard
    • Carrier Stock
      (cardboard, soft drink, & beer cartons)
    • Chipboard (cereal, shoe, etc)
    • Paper/Hardback Books
    • Cardboard egg cartons
    • Pizza Boxes (No Food)
    • Shredded Paper (in paper bags)

Commingled Recyclable Containers


    • #1- PET Plastic Containers
      (Most clear beverage bottles with lids)
    • #3-PVC
    • #5-PP
    • #7-OTHER
    • Aluminum Cans
    • #2 -HDPE Plastic Containers
      (Opaque/“cloudy” bottles for milk with lids)
    • #4-LDPE
    • #6-PS (No Styrofoam)
    • Steel (Tin) Food & Beverage Cans

NOTE: No household or automotive hazardous material product containers.


Unacceptable Materials Include:

Styrofoam, plastic bags, gift wrap, blueprints, hanging file folders, aseptic containers, paper cups, paper plates, tissue paper, paper towels, photographs, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, charcoal bags, kitty litter bags, plastic container that contained oil, antifreeze, or other petroleum fluids.